French Online Casinos Soon To Be Deprived Of Paysafecard

Paysafecard is one of the payment systems used by many users and a means that is also included at a large number of online casinos. It is a solution which already has an international scope and is very present in the circle of online games. Recently, an announcement has just been made by Paysafe which may well upset French online players. Indeed, the payment option will no longer be a possible alternative.

This is news that may tarnish the reputation of the French online gaming market, which has just fallen from Paysafe, which is the owner of the PaysafeCard online payment solution . However, it is one of the most used payment methods by players who register with online casinos operating in the French market. Classified as a gray market, the company no longer wishes to offer its services there.

Online casinos and players only have a few days left. Indeed, Paysafecard will be removed from the payment options from 1 st September this year. It must be said that the legislation of France in terms of online games is not really illegal, but is not also completely legal. Operators take advantage of the authorization granted for online betting and online poker to offer casino games. But that does not work in favor of this market.

But it is not only France that will be affected by this withdrawal. Several countries are also affected, but with the difference that they have very clear and legal regulations. Therefore, only casinos that are not regulated will be affected by this withdrawal from Paysafecard. Among these countries are Great Britain, Belgium and Spain. For now, therefore, online players who play at French online casinos can still take advantage of these few remaining days.

It will be obvious on 1 st September unless there is a change at the last minute, but this is unlikely, as the French market rose in list of those to avoid. Users will therefore no longer be able to make online deposits at online casinos and will have to find another solution. He is a world leader who already has a reputation that is no longer proven and it will be quite difficult to replace him if only in terms of safety.

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