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Yang Yang Laboratory (UCLA)

Prof. Yang is one of the most well known & respected organic solar cell researchers in the world. This is not an opinion but a fact supported by Prof. Yang’s research papers that were cited countless times and the record breaking solar cell structures that were certified by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Loo Group (Princeton University)

Plastic Electronics, a relatively new field, offers a wide variety of opportunities to improve our lives. Quoting from an interview with Prof. Loo, who spoke at World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (Summer Davos) in 2010, “Imagine electronic wallpaper that changes patterns from green stripes to pink polka dots at a click of a switch…”

Wiesner Group (Cornell University)

These lucky scientists are the Wiesner Group at Cornell University. They are not lucky only because they are doing their Ph.D. in one of the best universities in US but also because of the great opportunities Wiesner Group members receive after graduation.

OCM Group (University of Michigan)

Even though the Optoelectronic Component and Materials (OCM) Group has been calling University of Michigan “home” since 2006, the team was actually founded in 1985 by Prof. Stephen R. Forrest while he was a faculty member at University of Southern California.

Lin Research Group (Georgia Tech)

Solar Energy

This fun group of scientists is the Lin Research Group at Georgia Institute of Technology. They work on a wide range of topics including solar energy since the group was created by Prof. Zhiqun Lin in 2011.

Javey Research Group (Berkeley)

Solar Energy

In our opinion, nano-technology is the second renaissance. With the ability to work on materials a billionth smaller in size, many scientists enjoy significant improvements in their fields. One of the beneficiaries of nano-technology is Photovoltaics.

Atwater Research Group (Caltech)

Solar Energy

The Atwater Research Group has been working on multiple areas, including photovoltaics, since 1988, when Prof. Atwater joined Caltech. About 25 years of experience, many awards & honors, and consistent success in photovoltaics made Prof. Atwater one of the huge names in this field.

Salleo Group (Stanford University)

Solar Energy

The Salleo Group at Stanford University was founded by Prof. Alberto Salleo, associate professor of Materials Science & Engineering, in 2005. As of February 2013, Prof. Salleo has his tenure at Stanford. His group focuses on a wide range of projects under the Photovoltaics umbrella. Photovoltaics is the field where semiconductor materials are used to produce electricity from sunlight.

Photovoltaic Research Laboratory (MIT)

Solar Energy

The Photovoltaic Research Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded by Prof. Tonio Buonassisi, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, in 2007. As the name implies, the Photovoltaic Research Laboratory focusses on Photovoltaics, the field where semiconductor materials are used to produce electricity from sunlight.

Grossman Group (MIT)

Solar Energy

Led by Prof. Jeffrey C. Grossman, ‘The Grossman Group’ at Massachusetts Institute of Technology works on a wide variety of energy related topics. Specific to solar energy, the main topics include Solar Thermal Fuels and Photovoltaics (PV).