Even though it is an international company, Goal Zero is probably going to get a lot more publicity with their latest project in New York. Collaborating with AT&T, Pensa, and Mayor Bloomberg; Goal Zero has been deploying solar powered charging stations (read the news article regarding this by clicking on this link) across Manhattan.

Solar Energy

Goal Zero is not only an environment friendly company with a great commercial goal. The foundation of the company also has a very interesting story and the employees are extremely active people.

Robert Workman, a humanitarian, was working in Congo with the non-profit organization TIFIE (click here to visit their website) and recognized the need for a power solution in remote areas. As a result, he came up with the portable solar generator solution and founded Goal Zero. Mr. Workman is still a part of TIFIE and a portion of the profits from Goal Zero is donated to this non-profit organization. To learn more about Mr. Workman, visit the Goal Zero website management page by clicking on this link or visit Mr. Workman’s LinkedIn profile by clicking on this link.

Maybe not as interesting as the foundation story of the company but we also find it interesting, in a positive way of course, that almost all employees at the management level are extremely active people. Looking at the management profiles, by clicking on this link, one may think that being fit & healthy is a job requirement.

Solar Energy

It is no surprise that such an active team also has strong presence in social networks. Their blog, which you can visit by clicking on this link, seems often updated. The Goal Zero Youtube account, which you can visit by clicking on this link, has over 70 video clips posted within a year. Similarly, they are very active in Facebook (click here to visit their Facebook page), Twitter (click here to visit their Twitter page), and Instagram (click here to visit their Instagram page).

What’s surprising though, is that they were able to find 3 people who are more active than the management team and sponsored them.