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Top 3 States
Based on our results, California has the highest number of solar energy companies, which is not a surprise. The second and third places go to Florida and Texas respectively.

King of the Hill
According to our results, California has more solar energy companies than the rest of the states combined.

Thumbs Up/Down
Thumbs up for the North-East states for having relatively large number of solar energy companies, especially compared to some of the Southern states. This result is similar to the “Photovoltaic Capacity Installations” research done by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in 2008 (click here to see the NREL results).

Unfortunately, due to our results and the NREL research mentioned above, we have to give thumbs down for some of the Southern states.

This comparison is particularly important because of the strong geological limitations North-East states suffer from. Southern states have significantly more land as well as significantly higher solar power concentration than the North-East states as seen in the NREL graph below.

Photovoltaic Resource of the USA

Fun/Creative Names
During our research, we have come across some interesting, fun, and creative solar energy company names. The two that really caught attention are “Watts Up Solar” and “Volt Whisperer”.

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No PO boxes
Entries must have complete addresses and no PO Box address is accepted.

No Indirect Relations
Our list excludes companies that are indirectly related to solar energy industry. To be specific, there are no generic electrician, generic roofing, generic construction companies or pool service with solar heating, plumbers who also install solar panels, and so on allowed in this list.

No Irrelevant Entries
Having the word “solar” in their name does not qualify a company to be considered a part of solar industry from NGSF perspective. These companies are not allowed in our list i.e. Solar Cafe, solar panel & window cleaning companies, solar shades/screens providers, and solarium companies.

No Duplicate Entries
Unless a company does indeed have branches in other areas of a state, multiple entries for the same company may be considered duplicate entries and removed during our periodic updates.

No Paid Entries
This is not a paid listing. Unless a company meets the requirements set by NGSF, it will not be added to our listing.