This week, American Chemical Society (ACS) announced in a press release that a new journal, ACS Photonics, will be published starting January 2014. The journal will be interdisciplinary and be dedicated to photonics. The articles will be focusing on photonic processes, optical materials, and plasmonics.

Even though it’s relative new, if you have read the Atwater Research Group review (click here to see the review) in our website, you must be familiar with plasmonics. Prof. Harry Atwater is the person who gave plasmonics its name. It is no surprise that the ACS selected Prof. Atwater as the Editor-in-Chief for the new journal. This adds one more prestigious title to the already impressive list of achievements Prof. Atwater has had.

To learn more, please click on this link to read the complete press release from ACS or click on this link to visit the ACS Photonics journal website.